ATYS ELECTRONICS saw first light in the second quarter of 1996 as a distributor with an unprecedented level of service performances. The idea behind this ambitious set-up is a kind of counter reaction to the big take-overs in the previous decade; smaller already well established distributors,  got taken over by foreign groups of distributors, most of them being dominated by powerful financial investors. Quite unexpectedly, a number of flexible local distributors changed into one big incognito warehouse with nothing more than part-numbers, prices and massive centralised stocks. Soon, engineers and even purchasers found themselves left behind with their technical needs and cries for support.  On line catalog-shops , world wide distributors and representatives are leading the dance in this new landscape of components, forcing manufacturers to offer direct technical and even commercial service for the product designing customer.  Today our team is happy to be able to offer you a wide range of electronic parts , from the shelf, without having to buy in crazily large MOQ’s to avoid that excessive price tag.




ATYS ELECTRONICS  is not your every day selling machine with ever climbing sales figures and targets.

The Benelux-market as we know it is not a high volume production area. Production and labour costs are very high and most of the larger companies found their way to Asia and Eastern Europe some time ago.  Nonetheless, there are a lot of small and mid-sized companies very actively developing and manufacturing high-end electronic products for the local market, but also for multinational companies.  Engineers, how experienced they may be, will always appreciate the support of a good technical sales-man: somebody who knows the market, somebody who can actually advise what components to use for that specific application.  Well, customer oriented  design-in has always been a key word ATYS ELECTRONICSand it comes for free!

As for our manufacturing partners, they are the fertile soil of our existance.  We respect them as if they were our family, so you , as a customer, can enjoy their best support in every sence of the word.

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